Accepted papers

The abstracts are available here.

A CompCert Backend with Symbolic Encryption Torrini Paolo, Boulme Sylvain
A comprehensive security analysis of the Belenios protocol and more Debant Alexandre
A Formalization of the Proof of Correctness of a Number-Theoretic Transform in the Context of the Hakyber Cryptographic Primitive Séré Antoine, Strub Pierre-Yves
A General Framework for Supervisory Control of Opacity Souid Nour, Klai Kais
Analyse de contre-mesures dans le cadre d'attaques multiples Boespflug Etienne
Assessing bug replicability for more security-minded bug finding Girol Guillaume
CV2EC: Getting the Best of Two Worlds Blanchet Bruno, Boutry Pierre, Doczkal Christian Doczkal, Grégoire Benjamin, Strub Pierre-Yves Strub
Efficient Symbolic Algorithms for Software Verification Against Fault Attacks Ducousso Soline, Bardin Sébastien, Potet Marie-Laure
End-to-end enforcement of fine-grained "cryptographic" constant-time policies Ammanaghatta Shivakumar Basavesh, Barthe Gilles, Grégoire Benjamin, Laporte Vincent, Priya Swarn
Equational Proofs for Distributed Cryptographic Protocols Gancher Joshua, Sojakova Kristina, Fan Leo, Shi Elaine, Morrisett Greg
Formal analysis of LAKE-EDHOC Racouchot Maïwenn, Klein Elise
Formal analysis of security issues in dynamic virtual networks Le Scornet Pierre
Formal Verification Challenges on High-Speed Cryptographic Implementations Quaresma Miguel, Oliveira Tiago
Improving Static Analysis Precision by Minimal Program Refinement M Charles Babu, Bardin Sébastien, Lemerre Matthieu, Marion Jean-Yves
Learning and Knowledge for Anomaly Detection Chevalier Yannick
Mechanized Proofs of Adversarial Complexity and Application to Universal Composability Koutsos Adrien, Gregoire Benjam, Barbosa Manuel, Strub Pierre-Yves, Barthe Gilles
Model Checking of Vulnerabilities in SmartContracts: A Solidity-to-CPN Approach Extended Abstract Garfatta Ikram, Klai Kais, Graiet Mohamed, Gaaloul Walid
Sound Static Analysis of Regular Expressions for Vulnerabilities to Denial of Service Attacks Parolini Francesco, Miné Antoine
Stack smashing analysis by abstract interpretation of binary code Ballabriga Clément, Forget Julien, Person Guillaume
Structured Leakage and Applications to Cryptographic Constant-Time and Cost Barthe Gilles, Grégoire Benjamin, Laporte Vincent, Priya Swarn
Support for Detecting Integer Overflow Vulnerability Kissi Salim Yahia, Seladji Yassamine, Ameur-Boulifa Rabéa
Systematic, automated discovery of security protocol attacks that exploit weaknesses in common hash functions Jacomme Charlie
Type-Directed Program Transformation for Constant-Time Enforcement Besson Frédéric, Jensen Thomas, Raimondi Gautier
Vérification des mécanismes de sécurité des navigateurs Web Farinier Benjamin, Veronese Lorenzo, Tempesta Mauro, Squarcina Marco, Maffei Matteo
Verifying Low-Level, Concurrent Programs with Steel Fromherz Aymeric
Verifying Redundant-Check Based Countermeasures: A Case Study Martin Thibault, Kosmatov Nikolai, Prevosto Virgile


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